Vantage FX implements wide ranging “Brexit” leverage cuts

Vantage FX, a Sydney headquartered Australian Securities and Investments Commission regulated brokerage announced today in light of the possibility of increased volatility in global financial markets due to the upcoming Brexit Referendum, the broker has conducted a review of risk management policies surrounding “Brexit.”

As a result of this review, Vantage FX has decided to implement a two stage adjustment to trading conditions as a temporary measure leading into the Brexit Referendum:

Vantage FX Brexit Margin Changes
The brokerage notes to be aware of increased volatility risks in the period leading up to, during as well as following the Brexit vote:

– Violent whipsawing price action, especially in GBP related pairs.

– The possibility of significant price gaps, meaning stop losses may not be triggered at the price you would expect.

– Liquidity issues which may result in slippage surrounding the vote.

The company stated that while it intends to return to normal margin requirements following the vote, it will monitor events closely and keep our clients updated. Norml leverage at the brokerage goes all the way to 500:1, while phase 1 and 2 sees the reduction to 50:1 and 25:1 respectively.

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