TradeSlide launches risk manager product – made for traders

The newest part of the platform makes risk management look simple

The trading performance tracking website Tradeslide has implemented yet another tool into its powerful analyzing environment – the Tradeslide Risk Manager. The tool is aimed at helping traders keep track of their account equity curve, program certain simulations and in the end obtain better knowledge of the risks that they are embarking on using a certain strategy.

One could easily argue that very few retail traders have had access to such powerful risk management metrics before. After the user inputs the desired risk target level, based on a set of input parameters, the tool will visualize in an impressively comprehensive way what should the trader expect from his strategy. There are a couple of modes of operation – it can either work analyzing historical and current data – “management” mode, or the trader can enter planned data – “simulation” mode.

The trader needs the strategy’s trade and cash-flow history, open trades or planned ones (for simulations), the average duration of the trade and all of this can be provided manually by the trader or through an API. Traders will have very in depth look at which currency pairs they trade best, the weight of each pair in their portfolio performance.

The tool will be available on a white label basis and the customers’ identity will remain unknown to Tradeslide. Supported platforms include MT4 and cTrader, that was added recently, while compatible API’s include Act, X-Hub and tradable.

For the full details you can check out Tradeslide’s presentation here.

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TradeSlide launches risk manager product – made for traders


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