Tradable releases useful apps aimed at news traders

Tradable, the innovative platform company whose retail trading platform model encourages collaboration, and is based on open APIs today announced features of it’s News Trader work-space. The layout features the most useful apps for trading around big news events. The apps allow traders to have an overview of the current market situation, news releases, their importance, and order entry apps that help traders execute trades quickly during times with high volatility.

These apps save a lot of time when it comes to browsing through news websites and economic calendars. Trading is also made easier with the apps that can execute trades up to a few seconds before news is released with one single click.

In the first tab – Charts & Trading, traders can find the apps necessary to plan and execute their trades. The Economic Calendar provides an overview of the events for the day and traders can easily see when important news is coming out.

The Event Trader app shows the upcoming news for the current day and allows traders to schedule trades based on their expectations. Scheduled trades can be executed up to 1 minute before the news release.

The Straddle Trader is the perfect app for catching big moves when news is released. It lets traders set their desired parameters like entry price, stop loss, and take profit (in pips) in advance. When the app is turned on it places these orders on both sides of the market up to a few seconds before the news is released. Instead of manually calculating their entry price, stop loss and take profit traders can save a lot of time since the app places all their orders with one single click. Once one of the orders is activated, the opposite is cancelled automatically in order to avoid both orders being triggered and stopped out.

Additionally, traders can enter trades manually by right clicking on the Netdania Chart app or one-click trade from the Pro Quotes app. The Positions app allows for a quick overview and effective management of open positions.

The second tab – Portfolio, provides traders with an overview of their account summary – their balance, equity, margin, and open/closed profit and loss. They can also see their pending orders in the Order book app and their open positions in the Positions app. The Ariel Trade Notebook app allows traders to take notes on their trades. The Audible app provides the option to set sound alerts for specific events such as realized profit, realized loss, margin reached, etc.

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