Tradable partners with Autochartist to provide traders with “a second pair of eyes”

Application based FX trading platform Tradable partnered with Autochartist as part of its drive to make traders’ workflow more effective.

Tradable considers that analyzing the charts and looking for the right setups can be time consuming. For this reason, the company has teamed up with third party analysis services such as Autochartist, the technical analysis and pattern recognition service to help traders spot trading opportunities.

Tradable aims this partnership at an audience wishing to gain a “second pair of eyes” to confirm their analysis, and toward traders which would like to trade more markets than they would otherwise track manually.

As an example, traders which are only looking to trade a very specific technical setup across multiple time frames can benefit from using Autochartist, as the service scans dozens of markets and 5 time frames in real-time from 5-minute up to daily charts. Autochartist locates patterns like channels, triangles, head & shoulders, wedges, tops and bottoms and identifies trading opportunities with ideal targets.


To add Autochartist to the Tradable workspace, traders can open AppStore in the top left corner, and select News and Research under Categories, and then click Autochartist, then TRY+ and press the big green button TRY APPLICATION. Now Autochartist will be listed in the Installed Apps where customers can easily add it to their workspace.

Autochartist scans all the available markets on various time frames. When a pattern is identified it gets listed in the app’s main window. In this overview, the pattern’s name, time frame, and quality among other things can be viewed. Apart from these, there is an option to view the relevant chart segment with Autochartist’s own graphical analysis or to trade the pattern right from the app. The visual chart analysis comes with support and resistance lines and potential targets to help traders make the most of the setups.

Take your trading to the next level, let Autochartist do the hard work, spend less time analyzing and more time trading the markets.

For the official announcement from Tradable, click here.

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