Tradable introduces layout for part-time traders

How do we distinguish Tradable from all other Forex trading platforms? Answer would probably be: the ability for customization according to users’ preferences.

The Denmark-based developer of the platform has been exemplifying this quality of the product over the past couple of months with the launch of a series of different Tradable layouts – workspaces fitted with apps suitable for different types of traders.

After taking care of scalpers, day traders, and even news traders and swing traders, Tradable has thought of another “breed” of traders: part-time ones. The company announced today the rollout of a workspace specifically for them.

Who are the part-time traders? Those with limited time to spend in front of the computer screen. Hence, these are the users of Tradable with need of quick market analysis and trade execution. The apps included in the workspace for such traders enable the planning and execution of short and long term trades as well as effective portfolio management.

The Tradable Part-time Trader workspace, alike the other layouts, is divided into four trading screens. The different screens include features like market overview and analysis, trade execution, and portfolio management with sound alerts. Especially for part-time traders there is the opportunity to use Set-and-forget order types take care of order execution when a trader is away from the computer.

“Markets” Screen

The “Markets” screen offers a glimpse into the market situation in the markets and allows traders to check older news and historic data in case needed.

The Pro Quotes app provides an overview of one’s favourite instruments and is suited for instant trade execution. It supports different types of orders (Market, Limit, StopIfBid, StopIfOffered) and allows traders to fully customize which instruments they would like to see on their watchlist.


Next up is the FXStreet app which provides a quick overview of the latest market developments and important levels. The app offers real time market news and analysis from


Traders can also have an overview of their open positions, economic calendar, and which trading sessions are currently open in the respective apps.

“Chart & Trading I” Screen

Those of you who have tested the Tradable layout for day traders are already familiar with the “Chart & Trading I” screen, which consists of tools for charting and order execution.

The NetDania Chart app is considered by Tradable as the perfect solution for technical analysis. It features an array of indicators and you can execute and manage your trades directly from the chart. Additionally, it offers various chart types like Heikin Ashi and Dot charts and more than 20 different timeframes including H2, H3, H6, H8, and H12.

The Advanced Orders app enables traders to execute exotic order types like “OCO (One cancels the other)”, “If Then”, and “OCO If Then”.


“Portfolio” Screen

The fourth screen – “Portfolio” displays account summary, balance, equity, margin, and open/closed profit and loss. It also shows pending orders in the Order book app and the open positions in the Positions app. The Ariel Trade Notebook app enables traders to take notes on their trades. The Audible app provides the option to set sound alerts for specific events such as realized profit, realized loss, margin reached, etc.

To view the detailed announcement by Tradable on the new layout, click here.

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