Tradable introduces layout for day traders

The latest addition to application-based platform provider Tradable’s workspaces is the Tradable Day trader workspace, which was added this week to provide a market overview with analytical tools that benefit traders looking for daily analysis and short term trading opportunities.

The apps provided allow for a quick market analysis and execution of short term trades as well as effective portfolio management. It is ideal for day traders looking to have all the necessary information in one place.

The Tradable Day Trader workspace is divided into four trading screens that provide various tools and features to enhance trading workflow. The different screens supplement each other as they include several ergonomic features such as market overview and analysis, trade execution, and portfolio management with sound alerts. Traders can customize them according to personal preferences by adding additional tools to improve trading experience. Additionally, traders can develop their own personalized apps.

“Markets” Screen

The “Markets” screen provides a quick glance on what is current within the markets and traders can easily check older news and historic data if necessary.

The Dealer Insight app shows real time market news and analysis from “”. The idea is to provide a quick overview of the latest market developments, rumors and important levels straight from some of the world’s leading trading floors by just browsing through the app instead of browsing through different websites. Traders can find regular updates on the most important events in the financial markets.


The Autochartist app provides an overview of the current chart patterns based on “”. It lists all current chart patterns and their specification, like timeframe, quality, and state (emerging or breakout). Users of this facility can quickly find a tradable setup within the app instead of going through and analysing all the charts themselves. The application is intended to provide a visualization of the trading setup as well as a trade button for instant trade execution.

In the “Markets” screen, traders can also have an overview of open positions, economic calendar, and which trading sessions are currently open.

“Charts & Trading I” Screen

The “Charts & Trading I” screen consists of the apps required for charting and order execution.

Tradable considers the NetDania Chart app to be the ideal charting app for technical analysis. It features an array of indicators and traders can execute and manage trades directly from the chart. Additionally, it offers various chart types like Heikin Ashi and Dot charts and over 20 different timeframes down to a 5-second timeframe.

The Notes app allows the taking of notes on trades and permits traders to write down anything regarding their trading or analysis. It is fully customizable in terms of size and space so that users can fit in all the information.


“Portfolio” Screen

The fourth screen – “Portfolio”, gives an overview of account summaries, balances, equity, margin, and open/closed profit and loss. Traders can see and manage pending orders in the Order Book app and open positions in the Positions app, and the trade history and write down notes on active as well as past trades can be viewed.

The Audible app provides alerts on key activities happening whilst trading or analysing the market for new trading opportunities. Traders can receive alerts for specific events such as realized profit, realized loss, margin reached, etc. This way, users can get notified via sound messages without having to monitor your trades at all times. Alerts can be customized by adding additional sounds or voices as required.


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