TickCOM announces iSTRAT Portal for Automated Trading

TickCOM has today announced that it is preparing to launch an upcoming new broker-neural Portal with which traders can develop and test strategies online and instantaneously.

According to TickCOM, the portal fills a vacuum in the market, which resolves the situation in which traders who are non-programmers have no current possibility to use automated trading to copy other traders. The company detailed to LeapRate that the new portal intends to fill this vacuum, giving traders at all levels of experience the possibility to develop and test strategies for automated trading, without having a broker account.

The new portal is intended to be a broker-neutral resource for traders interested in automated trading, a place within which traders can acquire hands-on strategy development without the steep learning curve needed to use traditional development tools and resources.

“We believe traders are fully capable of developing strategies, most are today super user of computer programs, they are just not programmers” explained TickCOM’s CEO, Soren Lanng.

“The possibility for traders to now develop their own strategies is very much up in time, as regulations have announced upcoming regulations on social and copy trading. The vision and mission of TickCOM is that traders should develop their own strategies, we think this mission is accomplished by the new portal oriented at the non-programmers” he stated.


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