Steven Ruffley’s iView Charts now available on Tradable

Application-based trading platform development company Tradable has released its new iView Charts feature which provides a framework to enable traders to correctly understand how and why a market is moving.

Designed and effected by Steven Ruffley, an advocate of the 80/20 rule of trading whose career spans from investing for HNWI’s at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, to trading his own account, as well as mentoring & the risk management of traders at Refco to running the live trading floor at Schneiders, before becoming CEO of iView Charts, this is a very interesting partnership.


Mr. Ruffley considers that 80% of the time markets move due to technical analysis and 20% of the time due to fundamental events, populates the iView Charts ‘news feed’ with his own live trades, trade ideas and all the news and information required to cover the 20% trading element.

In addition to the ‘news feed’, iView Charts provides the ‘trade view’ indicator to break down all the information a trader needs to know. This includes key Fibonacci levels, the relative strength index (RSI) and the type of trade a trader should be looking to do. The iView bias then provides the bias from a professional perspective and also the trade type, with an expandable caption of how to actually trade that symbol.

Commenting on the announcement Steve Ruffley said, “I am a real advocate of the Tradable open trading platform and see the ability to customize your trading experience as a logical and vital next step in charting. iView Charts provides a total technical break down and supporting commentary to ensure traders make the most informed technical and fundamental trading calls.”


Jannick Malling, CEO of Tradable added, “In this industry many people want to sell trading answers, often with limited results. This is not what iView Charts is about – this framework allows established users to learn to spot trades. It is an ideal product for our user base of intermediate and experienced traders who want the ability to tailor a successful trading environment. We are delighted to work with Steve and bring his market insight to our customers.”

Traders can explore the apps through an exclusive trial period during the upcoming Tradable Trading Challenge, where Steve Ruffley also will host a webinar where users will be able to see the iView.

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