Spotware unveils new cTrader platform updates for February

Spotware Systems announce the completion of cTrader Web updates for all supporting brokers. These exciting features are now available to all traders inside cTrader Web next time they visit the application.

This update shares a number of features which were already delivered to cTrader for Windows in November 2015, these include Price Alerts, Order Screen Improvements and the New Symbol Tree. Two new features not yet available in cTrader for Windows are adjustable font size and done orders. This update sees cTrader Web be the first application within the cTrader Suite to get a complete makeover. An update for cTrader for Windows which can be expected any day.

“We are very excited to announce our first update of 2016 which has taken place so early in what will be an amazing year for cTrader. In this release traders will see a totally fresh look and feel to cTrader Web which is soon to come to all applications as we continue to add new features and enhance user experience.” James Glyde, Business Development Manager, Spotware Systems.

priceLERTThe updates include:

  • Price Alerts: You can now set alerts to be triggered when a symbol reaches a specific price. Click on the “Bell” icon in the “Line Studies Toolbar” or the “Price Alerts” option in the “Email Alerts” menu to set a price alert.
  • New colour Scheme: cTrader’s colour scheme has been simplified. Everything related to Buying (Order buttons, Ask price, Trendbars going up) is green, and everything related to Selling, is orange.
  • Order Screen Improvements: Our order screens have been redesigned. They are more user friendly and now provide a chart and useful information like margin required.
  • New Symbol Tree: Our symbol tree has been redesigned to include sub categories of asset classes and color coded visuals. At the top of the symbol tree is Popular Markets which can be configured by your broker.
  • Symbol Status: The status of each symbol can now be viewed with an icon to the left of the symbol name. Examples of statuses are “Open for trading” or “Market Closed”
  • Done Orders: You can find all a history of all the orders you’ve sent to the server. Open the the “History” tab and click at “Done Orders” button.
  • Font Size: The “Font Size” feature allows you to change the font size setting of the application between “Small” (default) “Medium” and “Large”.

An unlimited lifetime demo of cTrader can be downloaded here.

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