Spotware Systems releases upgraded cTrader with new alerts, free chart moving

Spotware Systems, the software developer behind the popular trading platform cTrader, today announced the addition of a set of new enhancements to the solution.

The company has completed updating cTrader for all supporting brokers, and the new features will be available for all traders after carrying out the short update next time they launch cTrader.

“As we are coming towards the end of 2015 I can safely say this is the most exciting and game changing update for cTrader we have have delivered this year. With three noteworthy features included, a few minor features as well as the usual blast of UX enhancements to support our evolving platform, most of which are aimed around brokers CFD offerings, making it even simpler for traders to navigate around a platform with thousands of symbols.” James Glyde, Head of Business Development.

New features


Free Chart Moving

Free Chart Moving

Traders can now click and drag the chart up, down, left or right to move it freely. The chart will not auto-re-scale. The chart can still be scrolled by using the mouse scrolling or scrollbar.

price alerts

Price Alerts

Price Alerts

Traders can now set alerts to be triggered when a symbol reaches a specific price. To set a price alert, one simply has to click on the “Bell” icon in the “Line Studies Toolbar” or the “Price Alerts” option in the “Email Alerts” menu. Once an alert has been created it can be easily customized by clicking and dragging to another price on the chart.

Marigin Call correctMargin Call Alerts

Traders can set alerts to be triggered when their account reaches a particular margin level. These settings can be found under “Email Alerts”. Traders can set up to 3 different alerts which will be sent to their email address which is associated with their cTrader ID.

“Free Chart Moving, Price Alerts & Custom Margin Call Alerts are features that were demanded by our traders at a rate of thousands over the past few months via our site and [email protected] address. We are pleased to deliver these welcomed features for our traders who in fact do orientate our priorities.” James Glyde, Head of Business Development.

  • Order Screen Improvements

The order screens have been redesigned. They are more user friendly and now provide a chart and useful information like pip value and margin required.

  • New Symbol Tree

The symbol tree has been redesigned to include sub categories of asset classes and color coded visuals to help understand thousands of symbols. Symbol Trees can be fully customized by brokers from their cBroker.

  • Popular Markets

Popular Markets can be found in the top of the symbol tree, this too is configured by brokers to put emphasis on any symbols they choose.

  • Symbol Status

The status of each symbol can now be viewed with an icon to the left of the symbol name. Examples of statuses are “Open for trading” or “Market Closed”.

James Glyde, Head of Business Development, commented,

“The customizable Symbol Tree and Symbol Status features enhance cTrader’s usability as a Multi Asset Class Trading Platform being able to support 10,000 plus symbols. The customizable Symbol Tree lets brokers categories their symbols in a manner which is discoverable for their traders by creating custom asset classes which boast customizable sub-categories. For example a broker could create “UK Stocks” as an asset class and create a sub category for their operation type for example “Banks” or “Consumer Finance”. The Symbol Open Status helps traders when working with several different markets without having to know the specific trading hours of each exchange.”

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