Spotware Systems fully integrates Autochartist into cTrader platform

Spotware Systems has announced today that it has integrated Autochartist into its technologically advanced cTrader Suite multi-asset trading platform.

Autochartist looks at the current state of the market and through complex technical analysis tries to spot patterns that emerge. It then displays these patterns back to the user in an organized and accessible manner.

Alexander Chauzov, product manager at cTrader stated:“Once a broker signs up with with Autochartist, our users then have the ability to see a variety of projected patterns, be it chart patterns, fibonacci patterns or key levels. All these are organized by currency pair, direction, type of pattern and by a very helpful quality ranking system, which helps the user navigate through the plethora of analysis autochartist provides.”

Mr. Chauzov concluded: “Autochartist, the most popular technical analysis tool out there is one of those additions we really enjoyed implementing as we understood immediately the importance it has for both our product and our users. This is an addition aimed towards the trader and it’s another testament to our dedication of bringing amazing features and technology to our products that put the

Ilan Azbel, CEO of Autochartist added: “cTrader are creating a new standard in the industry with their lightning fast execution times, a very impressive Depth of Market tool and many more trader friendly features and I believe Autochartist adds significant value to cTrader by providing objective, timely and accurate analysis that equips cTrader users to make educated trading decisions.”

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