Spotware Systems announces new features in their September update of cTrader

Spotware Systems announced today the latest features included in the just released September 2016 update of cTrader for Windows as the company continues to deliver regular product updates to benefit traders.

cTrader now includes another new functionality to join their roster of advanced trading options. The trigger side of Stop Orders (including Stop Loss) can be determined by the trader. The four options available are to trigger using the Trade Side which is the default, the Opposite Side, Double Trade Side or Double Opposite Side. Regardless of the trade direction users can choose the trigger method; Bid, Ask or second consecutive Bid or Ask price. This can be applied prior to creating an order, or can be modified at any time for any order or position.

“We are very pleased to bring this feature into cTrader which provides traders with the option to protect their positions from price spikes from LPs by choosing to have their order triggered by the second consecutive price. Traders can also protect themselves from gaps in the spread during times of volatility by configuring the opposite trade side to trigger the closing of the position, or opening of the position. This feature can be used for certain strategies but more importantly to protect traders from harmful conditions which can exist in an STP environment.” – James Glyde, Head of Business Development.

Another usability feature available for traders is the Custom Hot Keys which allows traders to assign their favorite key or combination of keys to perform actions within the platform. Quite simply traders can reassign default shortcut keys to match their preferences.

In this version of cTrader Spotware extends a legacy feature which was initially added close to 4 years ago. The Watchlist feature evolves into Multiple Cloud Watchlists. This allows users to sort their favorite symbols into groups and detach lists into new windows. This feature is only available to users with a cTrader ID.

“These new features securely fall in line with our direction of keeping cTrader the most trader friendly platform on the market. We want traders to be able to protect their positions, customize preferences and manage the potential 1000+ available symbols with ease as cTrader brokers begin to expand their offerings by introducing new asset classes.” – James Glyde, Head of Business Development.

In August 2016 Spotware also released FIX API with every account making a significant impact within the industry and drawing a lot of attention to their products.

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