Spotware Systems adds equity CFDs as cTrader becomes multi-asset platform

Spotware Systems, provider of the ever evolving cTrader platform, has announced today that it has expanded the range of markets available with the addition of CFDs on Equities.

cTrader brokers can now choose to offer their investors access to more than 10,000 of the most popular stocks.

Alexander Strelnikov, product manager at cTrader said: “We always envisioned the cTrader Suite as a multi-asset, one-stop solution offering multiple investment opportunities to its users. With the recent additions of CFDs on indices, commodities and now equities, we’re one large step closer to that goal.”

Mr. Strelnikov added: “The cTrader suite now has no limitations on number of instruments, number of groups and no limitation on number of price streams.”

Spotware Systems confirmed that it is dedicated to enhancing and expanding its product line, constantly offering marketable features to its new and existing brokers.


To see the Spotware press release click here.

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