Spotware enhances cTrader cloud solution with a focus on Asia

Spotware Systems announces the use of 3 synchronous clouds for their cTrader Product Suite.

Spotware Systems announced that they have implemented the latest in cloud technology for their ECN / NDD cTrader product suite, with 3 different cloud solutions — a Hardware Cloud, Connectivity Cloud and Application Cloud, that work together to provide a ultra-usability and low-latency trading solution.

cTrader’s connectivity cloud lets users connect to cTrader apps through the use of dozens of geographically dispersed proxies — including many in key locations in Asia, which serve to solve the last-mile latency issue for end users. And as we’ve reported before, Asia has been the fast-growth market lately in FX, with both Japan and China registering record volumes in retail FX trading.

For the complete Spotware press release click here (pdf).

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