SGX Rupee contracts report record smashing June numbers

Singapore Exchange (SGX) today reported on Indian Rupee futures volume metrics with June processing record figures. Volume and open interest of the SGX INR/USD currency futures surged nearly 26-fold and 74-fold year-on-year respectively.

Daily open interest grew to a new record high of 32,198 contracts (over US$1 billion in notional value) June 25th. Moreover, in June 2015, SGX INR/USD futures trading volumes soared to a new record high of 286,959 contracts (approximately USD$9 billion in notional value traded), up nearly 26 times year-on-year from the 11,165 contracts traded in June 2014.

Growth of SGX's Rupee futures market.

Growth of SGX’s Rupee futures market.


Over the same period, open daily interest in SGX INR/USD futures swelled to a record 32,198 on 25 June, driven by growing demand from a broad base of global investors seeking efficient currency hedging instruments that offer greater market transparency and robust price discovery.


Daily YTD USDINR Chart. Courtesy: Barchart


Source: Singapore Exchange

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