Saxo Bank presents partnership with JSC Galt & Taggart

A follow-up to LeapRate’s earlier report about the partnership between multi-asset trading and investment specialist Saxo Bank and Georgian investment firm JSC Galt & Taggart…

The new partnership is officially announced by Saxo today. The collaboration will be celebrated at an event in Tbilisi today, November 25th, with Saxo Bank’s co-founder and co-CEO Lars Seier Christensen and Group Chief Economist Steen Jakobsen to attend the event.

​Saxo Bank’s white label trading technology solution will empower the clients of Galt & Taggart, a subsidiary of Bank of Georgia Holdings PLC (LON:BGEO), to access global capital markets and invest on a multi asset basis.

Matteo Cassina, Global Head of Lines of Business, Saxo Bank says,

”The partnership is the first of its kind in the region and our aim is to kick-start a true digitalisation of high growth frontier markets. With more than 100 white label partners around the world today, Saxo takes a lead in transforming the way traders and investors access trading opportunities.”

“Saxo Bank has always had a passion for democratising trading and levelling the playing field for traders and investors. In doing so, Saxo Markets, the Institutional Division of Saxo Bank Group, look to well-regulated markets where our solution can add value to local financial institutions. We believe better access to trading technology in the region, through leading financial institutions like Bank of Georgia, will revolutionise the way private investors access opportunities in the Eurasian region,” added Cassina.

The new partnership will further strengthen the build-out of Saxo Market’s business platform for its growing institutional client bases. At present, more than 120 banks and brokers trust Saxo with outsourcing their trading technology.

The official announcement from Saxo Bank can be viewed by clicking here.

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