R5 gets MAS authorization and launches emerging markets FX trading in Singapore

FX trading marketplace R5 has announced that live trading has commenced in Singapore, after the company has received its authorisation from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

R5 went live with its London clients during the last quarter of 2015, for eNDF trading. The ASEAN launch is strategically important due to the substantial volume of emerging and local market currencies dealt in Singapore.

Roy Koh, Director, Asia Business Development at R5, says,

“With its modern infrastructure and political stability, Singapore is a major centre for FX trading. It continues to see significant FX volumes and a sizeable share of G10 and emerging market e-trading.”

Jon Vollemaere, CEO of R5, says,

“Receiving authorisation from the MAS, and subsequently going live in Singapore are important steps for R5, due to Singapore’s position as the Asian centre for emerging market FX trading. Many of our Singapore clients were involved at the inception of R5, seeking an electronic alternative for NDFs and emerging market FX to better service their customers and hedge their risk. It’s their market, and our job to provide new sources of liquidity, as well as improve the market structure. With their input we have developed our purpose-built platform, to which we will be adding more emerging market currencies and new services throughout 2016.”

R5 offers interbank and “All-to-All” FX trading marketplaces, and is dedicated to emerging markets. Its seeks to stimulate growth in the trading of EMFX, as the market shifts from being largely voice and exchange traded, to a transparent and efficient screen-based market, providing deeper liquidity and increased capacity for all.

You can view the announcement from R5 by clicking here.

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