Platform advancement hots up as Tradable adds interactive visual enhancements

Trading platform development has evolved substantially over the last two years, with many companies placing an emphasis on user interaction and empowering trader to be able to customize their settings to suit their trading requirements.

Aligned with this line of thinking, Tradable’s opensource platform now has undergone several visual enhancements.Tradable, a company whose ethos began with its application-based trading platform, considers that ordinary trading platforms are intended to cater for traders’ basic needs.

The company’s perspective on non-interactive platforms is that they generally come with a charting package, an order execution tool, a market monitoring window, plus a panel for position details and account statistics, and that’s about it, thus they provide the same tools for everyone.

Many of the newer, advanced platform providers these days, including Tradable, understand that traders’ preferences, as much as their trading style, are inherently different.


Tradable with its partner developers therefore is introducing a variety of position management, monitoring, charting, order execution tools with an improved visual experience.

In October last year, Tradable signed a partnership agreement with British FX trading software development company Ariel Communications to develop applications, initially resulting in the development of four apps for Tradable which went live in the middle of November including World of FX, Personal Currency Exposure, Order Templater and Trade Notebook.

ETX Capital-owned Ariel Communications has furthered its relationship with Tradable in the development of the opensource platform, with the applications developed for the Tradable platform now having enhanced visual features. Ariel Trade Notebook is not only a position monitoring application but the floating profit graph also shows how a trade progressed and therefore traders can take notes or journal inside the application.

With regard to other applications, Position Cards is a compact, intuitive tool for displaying and managing trades. The way PnL Vector displays floating profit and loss is reminiscent of flight simulator games, and together with Trader’s Plunder they give trading a bit of a playful edge.

Tick charts are now a standard component of any trading platform but Tradable provides several apps that invented new ways of tracking ticks. Traders can use Tick Trader for conventional tick charting and trade entry or measure tick volatility with Tick Temperature. This cna be used to monitor up and down ticks in order to spot momentum easier.

Tradable has made a considerable effort to refine its tools which are geared toward scalpers, therefore has made further developments in that direction.

Scalpers entering dozens, if not hundreds of positions a day will need very different tools for trade execution than swing traders.

Scalpers can now use Pro Tradeboard which comprises large buttons with clear color contrast meant to make sure that traders don’t accidentally misclick. Pro Quotes is ideal for traders who don’t need fancy buy or sell buttons but use market as well as pending orders. To see market depth, add Trade Ticket to a trader’s workspace and in addition to that, with NetDania Chart app users can easily trade right from the charts.

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