Pepperstone adds USD/RUB and USD/THB trading

Aussie based and ASIC regulated Pepperstone officially announces the addition of two new currency pairs: USD/RUB (Russian Ruble) and USD/THB (Thai Baht). These pairs give Pepperstone traders the ability to access new exposure to regions previously not available to the majority of MT4 traders.

Included below Pepperstone includes a breakdown of what to expect from these new pairs from a historical and current perspective.

Russian Ruble (USD/RUB)

The Ruble, in one form or another, has been the official currency of Russian and Soviet countries for around 500 years.

The modern Ruble was born out of the turbulent 90’s that saw the Asian financial crisis in 1997 and the resulting Russian crisis of 1998. The crisis period saw several speculative attacks on the value of the Ruble before the Russian government was eventually forced to devalue the currency and default on its debts when its foreign exchange reserves were depleted. This allowed the currency to float and ended the peg to the US dollar.

In 2014 the Ruble has seen increasing volatility in the wake of the Ukrainian crisis and associated uncertainty – making the currency an exciting pair to trade in the current geopolitical environment.

Thai Baht (USD/THB)

Following the Asian Financial Crisis of 1997, the Thai government was forced to abolish the pegged exchange rate policy that had historically tied the Thai Baht to the US Dollar, enabling a freely floating market exchange rate. The Thai Baht now floats onshore as the THB and offshore as the THO.

Through intervention in 2006, the Bank of Thailand enabled an onshore-offshore differential of 10% variation between the two markets. More recently, political unrest in Thailand has seen increased volatility in daily trading ranges, which translate into increased trading potential for retail investors.

To view these exciting new pairs within your MT4 Platform simply Right Click on Market Watch and select ‘Show All’.

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