October volumes up at Interactive Brokers as DARTS trump buoyant September by 18%

North American retail FX giant Interactive Brokers Group (NASDAQ GS: IBKR) has today reported its Electronic Brokerage monthly performance metrics for October, with figures demonstrating that as the summer gave way to fall, September’s good fortunes continued into October for a second month of high volatility and promising revenues.

Highlights for the month included 680,000 Daily Average Revenue Trades (DARTs), 33% higher than prior year and 18% higher than prior month, which in itself represented a healthy improvement over the doldrums of the summer.

By the end of October, customer equity stood at $55.7 billion, 29% higher than prior year and 1% higher than prior month, and customer margin loan balances weighed in at $16.9 billion, 34% higher than prior year and 2% lower than prior month.


A further highlight of the month was ending customer credit balances of $30.6 billion, 20% higher than prior year and 3% higher than prior month, and the company hosted 276,000 customer accounts, 18% higher than prior year and 1% higher than prior month.

The company reported 567 annualized average cleared DARTs per customer account, whilst revenue from its commission business averaged $4.26 per cleared customer order including exchange, clearing and regulatory fees.

Key products:

October 2014 Average Commission per Cleared Customer Order Average Order Size

Stocks $2.31 1,576 shares

Equity Options $6.89 10.8 contracts

Futures $6.67 3.7 contracts

Futures include options on futures. We estimate exchange, clearing and regulatory fees to be 59% of the futures commissions. In the interest of transparency, we quantify our clients’ all-in cost of trade execution below.

In October, customers’ total cost of executing and clearing U.S. Reg.-NMS stocks through IB was 0.3 basis points of trade money.



For the full report from Interactive Brokers, click here.

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