OANDA adds MyMosaic feature to FinGraphs offering for monitoring markets and frequencies

Technology-led FX brokerage OANDA Corporation has completed an upgrade to its detailed charting functionality which has come to fruition as a result of the company’s strategic partnership with FinGraphs which added the ability for traders to back test their strategies with ergonomic simplicity.

In expanding the facility, OANDA has now added FinGraphs’ MyMosaics solution from which traders can monitor choices of of markets and on live accounts.

In terms of added functionality, MyMosaics comprises customized multi instruments and multi frequencies mosaics that trader can tailor to suit their requirements with up to 16 charts per page.

The system provides continuous updates in live streaming mode, and has a market monitoring facility for investors and day-traders.

An example of such a user-generated market monitoring mosaic can be set up as follows:

“Create the Market Cockpit that you need and follow it LIVE”

1st Line: SPX500 CFD: 60m, 4m, 60s, 5s

2nd Line: EUR/USD: 60m, 4m, 60s, 5s

3rd and 4th Line: other key drivers, 60s charts

This methodology is displayed in the user interface as per this diagram:


Echoing the FinGraphs mantra of ergonomic simplicity, setting up and using the MyMosaics functionality is a case of dragging & dropping each permutation in order to change the position of the various boxes, with the box that is being selected and dragged switching positions.

Subsequently, a short waiting period is required until the dotted points appear to release. This means that the box is now in the correct position in order to perform the switch.

Following that, the frequency can be selected on each box according to requirements. Should a trader wish to delete an item, it is a case of simply clicking on the trashcan at the right-hand lower end of the box.

Changes can be saved by making once click on the save button to register any changes before logging out, and prevously saved configurations can be reloaded accordingly.

OANDA has made considerable efforts to refine the charting facilities available via its proprietary fxTrade platform recently, much to the advantage of discerning traders wishing to utilize an integrated and comprehensive platform rather than a third party trading platform with external charting and back testing facilities.

Capture 1

For the official instruction and user guide from FinGraphs, click here.

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