NinjaTrader 8 updates SuperDOM features

Denver-headquartered NinjaTrader notified of updates to its trading platform today. Specifically, the NinjaTrader 8 SuperDOM has been redesigned to provide significant performance and usability improvements across the board.

The DOM at the end of SuperDOM stands for Depth of Market.

Putting more emphasis on the latest version of their platform, last month NinjaTrader provided a free upgrade to the 8 version of the software for users.

The enhancements are as follows:

Add Columns to the Price Ladder

NinjaTrader 8’s SuperDOM hosts the ability to add Columns next to the price ladder. Monitor volume by price, your PnL, the Approximate Position in Queue (APQ), or take notes all within one SuperDOM window. Furthermore, reach beyond NinjaTrader’s default columns and create your own as custom NinjaScript columns are supported as well.

Plot Indicator Values on the Price Ladder

The enhanced SuperDOM features the option to add any number of price action indicators to the price ladder display. The redesigned SuperDOM is equipped with over 30 pre-build indicators to aid in your visualization and analysis of the markets.

Depth of Market Expanded

Displaying Market depth levels on a SuperDOM are only limited by your data provider. Meaning, if your provider offers 10 levels of market depth, the SuperDOM can be configured to display all 10 levels.

Dynamic SuperDOM “Hover” Mode

The “Hold” button featured in the NinjaTrader 7 Dynamic SuperDOM has been replaced by the new “Hover” mode. This user-friendly UI enhancement will temporarily freeze the price display when the mouse cursor hovers over the ladder allowing for more intuitive and efficient order management.

To learn more about NinjaTrader 8 SuperDOM click here.

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NinjaTrader 8 updates SuperDOM features


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