New on MOEX Equity & Bond Market

Moscow Exchange (MOEX) has announced that from 31 October 2016, any Russian federal government bond (OFZ) being offered at the auction on the primary market will be available for trading in all other trading regimes at the same time.

When OFZs were previously offered at the auction on the primary market, trading in the OFZ in all other trading regimes of the secondary market was suspended fifteen minutes before the call period and then resumed only ten minutes after the end of the auction trading period.

Functions to change trading restrictions for clients of asset managers have also been modified. Trades are now allowed between such clients and clients of brokers which are professional securities market participants operating based on the brokerage agreement.

All other restrictions, i.e. regarding trades between clients of one asset manager, as well as between the asset manager acting at its own expense and its clients have remained unchanged.

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