New MT5 build offers easier transfer of certificates to mobile devices, Strategy Tester improvements

MetaQuotes Software, the developer of the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5) platforms, has released a new build (1340) of MT5, with enhancements to Strategy Tester and the process of transfer to certificates to mobile devices.

In the latest build of the platform, the certificates used for the advanced security connection can be conveniently transferred from the desktop platform to mobile terminals.

In the earlier platform versions, any certificate requested and generated from the desktop terminal needed to be manually copied and installed on the device to enable use of the trading account from the MetaTrader 5 Mobile for iPhone/iPad or Android. Now, certificates can be conveniently transferred.

To receive the certificate on a mobile device, the user must connect to the trading account from the mobile terminal. After connecting, the user is prompted to import the certificate. To proceed with the import, the user needs to specify the password that was used for the certificate encryption on the desktop terminal.

terminal_1_2Certificate transfer process is secure: the trade server is only used as an intermediate storage, while the certificate is encrypted on the client’s side. The certificate password is not transmitted to or stored on the trade server.

The company promises that updated MetaTrader 5 apps for iPhone/iPad and Android supporting certificate transfer will be rolled out soon.

In addition, there are enhancements to the Strategy Tester.

  • What’s New for Exchange Instruments

In the real market, charts of exchange-traded instruments are generated based on Last price information (the price of the last executed deal). Stop Orders also trigger at the Last price. Limit orders trigger at Bid and Ask prices. All types of orders are always executed at the current market Bid/Ask prices. The Strategy Tester has been updated and now better emulates real market conditions.

  • What’s New for Other Instruments

The algorithm has not changed for other instruments: Bid/Ask prices are used for all types of pending orders, as well as for SL and TP. But the execution mode has changed: in earlier versions, orders were executed at the price specified in the order. Now market Bid and Ask prices as of the time of order activation are used.

  • What’s New in Visual Testing

During visual testing, the bar’s High Ask and Low Bid price lines are now shown in the tester.

Last week, MetaQuotes Software announced the launch of MT5 Web in beta.

For the full list of novelties in MT5’s latest build, click here.

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