MotiveWave Trading Platform adds Charts Plus Edition to its lineup of product offerings

MotiveWave is a full-featured trading platform that provides advanced charting and market analysis, strategy creation and back testing and is available for Windows and Mac OS X. MotiveWave can be used to trade any securities that your broker or data service supports, including: stocks, futures, options, equities and forex.

MotiveWave Software, a Toronto-based developer of easy-to-use high-performance charting and trading software for the individual trader, is pleased to introduce the Charts Plus Edition to its lineup of product offerings.

MotiveWave is now available in six different editions with the option of adding on Modules to gain extra features in five of its editions. Whether just starting out and only needing a basic charting platform, or needing a more advanced platform with all of the bells and whistles, MotiveWave has always offered several charting and trading products, as well as lease and purchase options, to fit analysts’ and traders’ unique budgets, experience and trading styles.

What MotiveWave noticed was that there was a gap between their Charts Edition and their Trade Edition. Many new traders’ needs were falling in between these two editions and they didn’t want to add on the full set of features in the Add-On Modules; they only needed a few extra features.

The new MotiveWave Charts Plus Edition fills this niche very nicely and is very competitively priced for an entry-level platform. The Charts Plus Edition has everything in the MotiveWave Charts Edition plus:

•    Replay Mode
•    Chart Templates
•    Multi-Timeframe Studies
•    Over 275 popular studies

“We are excited to introduce the Charts Plus Edition”, said Tony Lindsay, Founder of MotiveWave Software, “We feel this product addresses a gap in our offerings. New traders now have a nicely priced entry-level platform that gives them what they need to get started, without them having to buy the top-of-the-line advanced trading platform that has a ton of features they’re just not going to use.”

Source: MotionWave

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