Moscow Exchange to launch MOEX Board indicative quotation system

Moscow Exchange will launch its new MOEX Board indicative quotation system in December 2014.

The system will operate like a notice board, allowing traders and investors to enter and view quotes for stocks that are not traded on the Russian regulated market. MOEX Board will thus help to expand the range of investment strategies available to investors. Inclusion on MOEX Board will allow companies with unlisted securities to obtain indicative valuations for their stock.

Russia’s prominent executing venue has made significant steps over the last year and a half to compete with Europe and North America’s electronic exchanges, with large infrastructural developments including point to point connectivity between Moscow, Frankfurt and London, provided by Canadian venue-neutral infrastructure firm TMX Atrium. This has provided low latency direct access to ruble liquidity and driven demand. With regulatory considerations in the US and now Europe demanding that institutions and venues conduct stringent trade reporting procedures relating to OTC derivatives, Moscow Exchange is aligning itself well with Western companies by taking this step.

OTC sale/purchase agreements will be available in electronic form via the Electronic Contract Centre in accordance with the Trade Agreement of CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange. OTC trades will be automatically reported to the Exchange in accordance with regulatory requirements for professional investors.

Moscow Exchange has launched MOEX Board in response to demand from brokerages, and has been approved by the Equity & Bond Market Committee on 10 September 2014.

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