Moscow Exchange signs cooperation agreement with KRX Korea Exchange as it broadens its horizons

Russia’s advanced executing venue looks to the Far East for cooperation between venues on financial market development

Making headway among executing venues in rapidly emerging markets is Russia’s Moscow Exchange (MOEX.ME) which has risen to prominence during the course of the last year as a result of a number of factors, including the direct connectivity provided by TMX Atrium allowing it to connect with minimal latency to European exchanges in Frankfurt and London alongside increased demand for ruble liquidity.

This week, Moscow Exchange has announced that signed a cooperation agreement with KRX Korea Exchange in order to cooperate on financial market development.

The agreement covers cooperation on information technology, improving financial market infrastructure, developing joint exchange products, and organising events. The Russian venue considers that cooperation in the area of derivatives trading may be the debut joint project under this particular cooperation.

Korea is well known as a developer and exporter of very high quality technology in all sectors, yet it is located in the Asia Pacific region which places its venue ideally among top institutional FX regions such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

Should KRX Korea Exchange leverage this opportunity effectively, it will serve well to place the venue ideally as a technically advanced bridge between the high volume trading desks of the Orient, as well as serving to further expand on Russia’s presence within the global institutional FX market.

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