Moscow Exchange sees Forex volumes drop 11% MoM in October 2015

Moscow Exchange, or Moskovskaya Birzha MMVB-RTS PAO (MCX:MOEX), has just reported its operating metrics for October 2015, with the results being in tune with what we have so far seen from the rest of the industry at least when it comes to FX volumes.

Although FX volumes saw a drop in monthly terms, they staged a steep rise in annual terms.

FX Market turnover amounted to RUB 30.7 trillion ($481.4bn) in October 2015, down 11% from the result seen in September 2015 and up massive 41.3% from October 2014. The result included spot trades of RUB 10.7 trillion and swap trades of RUB 20.0 trillion.

The FX Market’s average daily turnover was RUB 1,395.1 billion, compared to RUB 944.4 billion in October 2014.


And now let’s take a look at the fortunes of the other market segments.

Equity & Bond Market

Secondary market turnover in stocks, RDRs and investment fund units was RUB 838.7 billion, up from RUB 800.2 billion a year earlier. The average daily turnover was RUB 38.1 billion (October 2014: RUB 34.8 billion).

Derivatives Market

Derivatives Market volumes rose 61.8% YoY to RUB 10.1 trillion (October 2014: RUB 6.3 trillion), or 173.6 million contracts (October 2014: 142.8 million contracts), of which 168.2 million contracts were futures and 5.4 million contracts were options.

Money Market

Money Market turnover totalled RUB 20.0 trillion (October 2014: RUB 18.9 trillion). The average daily turnover was RUB 907.4 billion (October 2014: RUB 823.0 billion).

Precious Metals Market

Trading volumes on the Precious Metals Market increased nearly 4.8 times year over year to RUB 11.7 billion. Turnover was RUB 11.7 billion (5.0 t) for gold and RUB 4.9 million (152.9 kg) for silver.

To view the official announcement from MOEX on its October 2015 operating metrics, click here.

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