Moscow Exchange releases indices annual review 2016, reports gains in most key sectors

Moscow Exchange MOEX

Moscow Exchange (MOEX) just announced its indices annual review for 2016.

In 2016, the MICEX Index was up 26.76% to 2,232.72 (from 1,761.36 on 30 December 2015), while the dollar-denominated RTS Index rose 52.22% to 1,152.33 (from 757.04).

The dollar depreciated 16.87% against the rouble.

Volatility decreased, with the Russian Volatility Index falling 26.94% to 26.47 (from 36.23).

Most key sectors made gains. The largest upturn was in Transport, the sector index of which rose 117.31%. Electric Utilities and Metals and Mining climbed a respective 110.07% and 46.33%. The largest fall in
Consumer goods and retail is 0.33%.

The MICEX Innovation Index rose 25.56% to 386.92 (from 308.15).

The Blue Chip Index increased 26.63% to 14,736.86 (from 11,637.91).

The Second Tier Index appreciated 73.24% to 6.087,67 (from 3,513.99). The Broad Market Index gained 27.70% to 1,588.33 (from 1,243.84).

For more detailed report on MOEX indices, click here.

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