Moscow Exchange extends liquidity support program into 2015

Moscow Exchange extends its Equity Market liquidity support program to 2015.

Following recent consultations between prominent Russian electronic trading venue Moscow Exchange and market participants, the exchange will not change quote maintenance conditions in January 2015 with regard to stocks from the program list as of 1 November 2014.

From 5 January 2015, additional nine stocks from the Moscow Exchange Indices will be offered for quote maintenance in order to diverse market maker operations and facilitate trading strategies.

The liquidity support program launched on the Equity Market in February 2013 has become a composite and transparent instrument for boosting liquidity with first ever approaches and methods for dealing with market makers applied on the Russian stock market.

This extension comes at a time when ruble liquidity has experienced shortages, resulting in many FX firms having temporarily suspended trading in ruble pairs last week.

With the program, the share of trades in stocks having market makers increased by 12% quarter on quarter in 4Q 2014; such share with regard to stocks listed only on Moscow Exchange went up 2%.

To view the official announcement from Moscow Exchange, click here.

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