Moscow Exchange announces December market report, FX ADV is up 14% MoM

Moscow Exchange MOEX

Moscow Exchange has just announced its monthly market report for December 2016.

The trading volume of stocks totalled RUB 983 bln in December. The average daily trading volume was RUB 44.7 bln, up 4.7% MoM. The T+2 sector made up 98% of the total secondary market trading volume and the T0 sector accounted for 2%.

The MICEX Index was up 6% MoM to 2,232.72 at the end of December from 2,104.91 at the end of November.

The dollar-denominated RTS Index was up 12% to 1,152.33 from 1,029.05. The cash equity market’s capitalisation appreciated 13,5% to USD 627.5 bln from USD 552.7 bln.

This month’s most traded stocks were Sberbank ords (SBER) with a turnover of RUB 212.34 bln (22% of the total), followed by Gazprom (GAZP) with RUB 167.45 bln (17%), Lukoil (LKOH) with RUB 55.44 bln (6%), Rosneft (ROSN) with RUB 54.17 bln (5%) and VTB Bank (VTBR) with RUB 43.31 bln (4%). Other securities’ turnover totalled RUB 449.9 bln (46% of the total trading volume).

The bond market’s trading volume totalled RUB 2,733 bln in December. The average daily trading volume was RUB 124.2 bln, up 74% MoM. Secondary market turnover in corporate ruble bonds was RUB 359 bln (13.1% of the total trading volume). Regional ruble bonds’ turnover was RUB 41.4 bln (1.5%), Sovereign ruble bonds saw RUB 530.3 bln (19.4%), Eurobonds had RUB 5.5 bln (0.2%) and bonds of MFI had RUB 1.1 bln (0.04%). The total volume of new issues placed soared by 65.7% to RUB 1,795.8 driven by overnight bonds offerings.

The Russian Government Bond Index (RGBITR) grew 2.8% in December to 413.58 (from 402.28 at the end of November).

The MICEX Municipal Bond Index (MICEXMBITR) was up 1.4% to 222.71 (from 219.71). The MICEX Corporate Bond Index (MICEXCBITR) was up 1% to 316.32 (from 312.93).

The FX market’s trading volume totalled RUB 31 trln in December. The average daily trading volume was RUB 1.4 trln, up 14% MoM. Spot trading reached RUB 7.5 trln, or 24.1% of the total trading volume. Swap operations accounted for 75.9% of the total trading volume (RUB 23.5 trln).

USD/RUB transactions made up 86.9% of the total trading volume, with a total value of RUB 26.9 trln; EUR/RUB came to RUB 3.3 trln (10.8%); EUR/USD totalled RUB 0.7 trln (2.1%), and CNY/RUB were RUB 55.6 bln (0.2%).

Other instruments were traded for RUB 17.2 bln.

For the complete MOEX monthly report, click here.

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