MetaQuotes adds option strategy builder to MT5

MetaTrader 5 continues its technological evolution with a recent update to Build 1035 in the form of an option strategy builder, as well as access to ticks in order to expand the possibilities for developing trading robots, also known as Expert Advisers (EAs).

The option strategy builder is intended to help users combine different options in one investment portfolio, and to assess the possibilities and potential risks.

In terms of functionality, a trader chooses the option based on the expiration date and the underlying asset, and then selects one of the more than 30 available strategies. The builder displays the appropriate combination of options and calculates evaluation parameters – the so-called Greeks. The profit/loss chart and the Greeks based chart appear at the bottom of the window.

In addition to a large number of built-in strategies, traders can create and save their own strategies for later use.

With regard to providing access to ticks, MetaQuotes has introduced a new function for working with the tick history CopyTicks. The function is used for receiving an array of ticks accumulated by the terminal for the current session, with the depth being limited to the last 2000 ticks.


The new function expands the possibilities for developing scalping trading robots, compatibility with EAs and robots being one of the major factors in ensuring MetaTrader 4’s ubiquity across the retail trading sector worldwide.

Ticks can be requested by the date if the ‘from’ value is specified, or based on their number using the ‘count’ value. If none of the parameters are specified, all available ticks are received, but not more than 2000. Ticks can also be requested based on their type using the ‘flags’ parameter. Available values:

COPY_TICKS_ALL – all ticks.
COPY_TICKS_INFO – only information ticks (Bid and Ask).
COPY_TICKS_TRADE – only trade ticks (Last and Volume).


The OnTick function does not handle every tick, it notifies the Expert Advisor of market changes. It can be a batch of changes: the terminal can simultaneously make a few ticks, but OnTick will be called only once to notify the EA of the latest market state. The CopyTicks function allows you to receive and analyze all the ticks.

MQL5 programs purchased in MetaTrader AppStore can now be tested and optimized on the MQL5 Cloud Network agents and on remote agents.

In addition to these interesting upgrades, MetaQuotes has also added a service by which MQL5 programs purchased in MetaTrader AppStore can now be tested and optimized on the MQL5 Cloud Network agents and on remote agents.

The latest build allows fixed calculation of swaps in points for positions with less than 1 lot, fixed check and normalization of Stop Loss and Take Profit levels when opening a position for the trading instrument with “Market Execution” type, and fixed behavior of the ObjectGetValueByTime function. In some cases, the behavior of the function in the tester could be different from its behavior in the terminal.

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