Match-Trade launches a comprehensive MT4 risk management solution

Match-Trade Technologies LLC, headquartered in Irvine, California, is pleased to announce the launch of a completely new web-based Match-Trade MT4 RMS, a risk management solution which will allow FX brokers to analyze and control various trading and business risks.

Match-Trade MT4 RMS is an FX Broker Analytics Platform that manages critical trading risk exposures from one central location. The platform provides flexible reporting tools in real-time and ad-hoc reports creation that can be easily viewed from an intuitive and interactive web interface.

Match-Trade MT4 RMS is a unique application which collects all necessary and essential information from MT4 Server and transforms it into decision-making reports, intuitive charts, and in-depth data analysis, which give FX Brokers a complete view of current and potential risks on a real-time basis.

Further, the platform has multiple options available to FX Brokers to build various risk profiles and isolate risk exposures by either client or instrument or by respective trading platforms.

Match-Trade MT4 RMS application is complementary to the firm’s White Label offering, which comprises: MT4 Platform, MAM, MT4 Bridge/Aggregator and Match-Trade System based on Matching Engine.

The most important features of Match-Trade RMS are:

  • Analysis of the trading clients’ performance
  • Evaluation of trading clients’ risk profile
  • Evaluation of risk portfolio by instrument, client, and platform
  • Statistics and charts of revenues, deposits, trading volumes
  • Identification of unprofitable clients
  • A/B Book optimization
  • Advanced reporting of all transactions
  • Full Profit and Loss transparency
  • Tendencies, trends, variance and changes within the portfolio

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