MAMM plugin for MT5 now available for asset management in financial markets for brokers and professional traders

Plugit Apps Business Solution provider has released an asset management automation service integrated with the MetaTrader 5.

MetaTrader 5 PLG Multi-Asset Management Module (MAMM) is a special server-side plugin with a web interface designed for brokers and professional asset managers. The application simplifies and optimizes the interaction between a money manager (Master) and an investor trading in the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset platform.

The following types of asset management are supported:

  • Equity Lot Ratio (MAM),
  • Equity Cash Ratio (PAMM) and
  • Equal Volume.

PLG MAMM allows money managers trading on MetaTrader 5 platform to place a large block trades from a Master Account across an unlimited number of investor accounts using a variety of strategies and different allocations types. The PLG MAMM application is also equipped with a reporting tool allowing managers to manage their client list in addition to evaluating their performance through advanced statistical reports and charts.

Jalal Faour, CEO of Plugit Apps

Jalal Faour, CEO of Plugit Apps

Driven by the increased adoption of MetaTrader 5 among leading brokers, Plugit realized that time had come to invest heavily on MetaTrader 5 solutions to meet the surging demand for such products” — says Jalal Faour, CEO of Plugit Apps. “Today, we pride ourselves to be amongst the first to have successfully launched a wide array of reliable MetaTrader 5 products, notably our turnkey solution, PLG MAMM. Our MAMM solution allows MetaTrader 5 brokers to leverage their platform and serve Money Managers in addition to retail clients. We are very delighted to have worked closely with MetaQuotes prior to deploying this innovative solution”.

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