London Stock Exchange and NYSE experiencing technical problems – LeapRate Exclusive

LeapRate Exclusive… Not a time to make investors nervous, but two of the world’s leading stock exchanges are experiencing some technical difficulties today. Luckily, the problems do not seem to be impacting actual trading on either exchange.

At the LSE, the exchange’s main website has been down Thursday evening for at least an hour, returning a ‘Page Not Found‘ error page (see screenshot below) for any company search conducted on the site. It seems that the outage occurred after the LSE closed for trading Thursday at 4:30pm local time, and is in the process of being repaired.

In the meantime, visitors to the LSE’s website have been unable to retrieve most company information, news, and trading data.

LSE website down large

On the other side of the pond, CNBC television was reporting on some communications problems being experienced by the NYSE, although the technical issues were not affecting  actual trading. We earlier reported this week about some technical problems and outages at some of the leading US online brokerages in the wake of Monday’s volume surge.

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