Leverate’s Sirix multi-broker community grows brokers’ volumes

Volumes on the social trading environment have quadrupled in only 14 weeks

It’s been only a couple of months since Leverate has introduced its major upgrade to their social trading platform Sirix – the multibroker social trading network Sirix Community. Today they have announced the milestone that was achieved for the past 14 weeks. The company reported that volumes have quadrupled during the period and the main reason behind that success is… you guessed it right – the implementation of the Sirix Community.

Along with its introduction new features were added, such as standardization of asset mapping across different brokerages and customization for price differences between the rates at which master traders and followers were executing their trades.

Leverate’s Senior Product Manager Shai Kritz said that copy trading seems to be saving brokerages money in the education area – an important feature for every new trader on the forex market. He proceeded with saying that aside from observing an increase in volumes, an increase in average first deposits is also on the table.

Traders on the Sirix Community network can copy, follow and view the profiles of all other traders on the network — regardless of which broker the trader is with. It is NOT possible, however, to see which broker a given trader belongs to. This is a necessary step in preventing client theft and information collection.

Sirix is a component of Leverate’s broad brokerage solution named LXSuite, but it is also available as a standalone product. A full customization to the tastes and needs of every brokerage is available including a logo placement and different colors.

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