Japanese OTC Forex volumes drop 20.3% MoM in November 2015

Earlier today, the Futures Financial Association of Japan (FFAJ) posted the monthly operating metrics of its members that offer Forex and binary options trading over the counter for November 2015.

The Forex and binary options segments both showed pronounced drops in trading volumes last month, with Forex volumes dropping 20.3% from October 2015 levels and binary options volumes staging a decrease of 14.4%.

As usual, we start the review of the metrics with the OTC Forex data.

  • A total of 53 members of FFAJ filed their OTC Forex reports for November 2015 with the regulator. This is the same number as in October 2015.
  • The data showed that their OTC retail Forex margin trading volumes amounted to JPY 300.67 trillion ($2.48 trillion), down 20.3% from the result of JPY 377.4 trillion registered in October 2015. FFAJ attributed the slide to weak trading volumes of USD/JPY and emerging market currencies.
  • The steepest month-on-month drop (-40.69%) in trading volumes was registered by CAD/JPY, whereas the steepest month-on-month increase (+13.57%) in trading volumes was marked by EUR/USD.


And now let’s examine at the binary options statistics for November 2015.

  • A total of 8 members of FFAJ reported data about their OTC binary options trading volumes for last month – the same number as in October 2015.
  • Binary options trading volumes amounted to JPY 38.2 billion in November 2015, down 14.4% from the result of JPY 44.6 billion seen in October 2015 and down 30.7% from levels registered in November 2014.
  • Trading payment decreased in monthly terms too. It amounted to JPY 19.4 billion in November 2015, down 11.4% from the result registered in October 2015.
  • The number of active accounts staged a drop in monthly terms, amounting to 12,799 at the end of last month, down 5% from 13,527 at the end of October 2015.

To download the report on Japanese Forex volumes for November, click here.

To download the report on Japanese binary options volumes for November, click here.

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Japanese OTC Forex volumes drop 20.3% MoM in November 2015


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