Interactive Brokers expands TWS platform configurability

Interactive Brokers Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:IBKR) is seeking to offer more options to let traders configure the TWS trading platform to specifically meet their needs.

The latest series of customization improvements, with additional ones in the pipeline, include:

  • The ability to add numerous predefined multi-tiled tools, like, for instance, the Probability and Option Strategy labs, as new layout tabs along the the bottom of a platform frame.

To do this, traders have to find the tool in the New Window drop down list and slide to the right of the tool name to select the “Add as new tab” icon. Once it is added, traders will see it tabbed along the bottom with the Mosaic, Classic TWS and any other workspace tabs. Also, traders can add new “tiles” to these multi-tiled labs.

  • Traders can now include the Rebalance window, BasketTrader and ScaleTrader tools as tiles in any workspace container. Prior to the enhancements, these could only be opened as stand-alone tools.
  • The broker has also fine-tuned the Analyst Research windows to behave better when traders use them as tiles in a workspace container.
  • Multi-account users will now see the account selector displayed more prominently in the Order Entry panel.
  • Other improvements in TWS include Global Configuration for IB Algos.

Traders can now add and remove IB Algos from the “Favorites” list, which promotes the selected algo to the list of order types in the Mosaic order panel, along with the non-algo order types like the limit, market, stop and others. When algos are not tagged as favorites, traders need to click through one more list level within the order types to open the IBALGO section.

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