HotForex institutes HF Social copy trading accounts in partnership with FXStat

Some under the radar news today as FxStat which bills itself as the “fastest growing social traders network in forex and finance” has struck a new partnership deal with Mauritius regulated brokerage house HotForex. FxStat was established in April 2010 and has become one of the largest Forex analytics providers in the world. It now serves as an Autotrading (copy trade) service provider as well as a Forex social network platform to aid traders in their investing pursuits. With access to the platform implemented within a MetaTrader4 environment, the company has seen it’s unique network deployed across a range of brokers within the FX trading industry, you can now add HotForex to that list.

HotForex calls the account the ‘HF Social’ account type with a minimum deposit of $100, creating a low barrier to entry for those looking to test out the platform for the first time. The biggest advantage for traders is the ability to trade while busy with other obligations, as well as for them to stay connected to their market passions and invest their money and monitor the market even when they don’t have the time or necessary skills yet to trade in a consistent profitable manner. With the new account type, clients can select the most successful traders and control their portfolio through manual or algorithmic strategies via the HF Social account all through the familiar MetaTrader environment. Clients can also keep through mobile and stay connected with HF Social via iPhone or Android devices.

For more information on the new partnership between FxStat at HotForex, click here.

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