HKEX welcomes market regulators’ announcement of Shenzhen Connect’s start date

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) has welcomed today’s announcement by the China Securities Regulatory Commission and the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission of the start date for Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect (Shenzhen Connect), a mutual market access programme of the Hong Kong and Shenzhen stock markets.

As stated in a regulatory announcement HKEX has published today, the launch of Shenzhen Connect on December 5, 2016 has been approved.

The HKEX market has been ready in terms of technical systems and operations for the launch of programme. HKEX has also announced that all the conditions under the Four-party Agreement have been satisfied and therefore Shenzhen Connect will commence operation on 5 December 2016.

The list of stocks that will be eligible for Northbound trading on 5 December 2016 is available in the Stock Connect section of the HKEX website. The eligible stock list will be updated daily.

HKEX has completed three rounds of connectivity testing and market rehearsals to ascertain technical readiness of the market infrastructure and operational readiness of market participants. One hundred forty-two China Connect Exchange Participants (CCEPs) are expected to be eligible to participate in the two Stock Connect programmes from 5 December 2016, while other Exchange Participants (EPs) can also apply to become CCEPs later upon satisfaction of relevant requirements.

Charles Li , HKEX

Charles Li , HKEX

HKEX Chief Executive Charles Li commented:

I want to thank everyone for their support to ensure a smooth launch of Shenzhen Connect. We’re ready for another milestone in our mutual market access initiative. Shenzhen Connect will open up another Mainland market for international investors, give investors on both sides of the boundary more choices and enhance access to the Mainland’s stock market through our market and to our market through the Mainland market.

HKEX has updated a wide range of materials on Stock Connect, including Frequently Asked Questions and videos, for investors and market participants who are interested in knowing more about the programme.

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