GWAZY welcomes MCM FX as sponsor of the GWAZY League

UK based MCM FX Ltd. (Miffs Capital Management) has recently started offering GWAZY trading trading and as part of its promotional activities, it is also sponsoring a competition in the GWAZY League.

The GWAZY platform was launched as an alternative method to FX trading, making it suitable for beginners and people who are interested in trading and investing in FX but in a stress free environment.

Anyone over the age of 18 can join the GWAZY League and participate in free trading competitions and fun challenges with GWAZY where they can win gadgets, prizes or live GWAZY accounts, depending on what is offered by the sponsors.

“The exciting gaming environment offered by the GWAZY platform opens new doors to brokers, giving them the opportunity to capture different market segments as most trading platforms that are currently available in the market reflect more ‘traditional’ trading methods. We would like to welcome MCM FX on board and look forward to more FX and Binary brokers joining us” said Martin, Head of Development at GWAZY Ltd.

The GWAZY Brokers Solution offers FX and Binary Options brokers, the chance to offer GWAZY within two weeks with zero setup costs. The package includes Platform, Manager, Tools, Media Kit and reporting system. By sponsoring promotions and competitions of the GWAZY League, brokers can increase the popularity of the GWAZY trading platform and eventually boost their business performance.

The GWAZY trading platform is available in the English, Arabic, Farsi and Chinese languages.

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