Guest Editorial: The audio-visual future of the FX brokerage

The use of video in getting the corporate message across has exploded recently, and most certainly the future in many industries, especially those which operate online, is audio visual. Whilst this generation is adopting it, the very near future will necessitate total embracing of video by all companies.

Bart Burggraaf, Managing Director and Partner at MediaGroup London is highly experienced in the marketing operations of large FX firms, and therefore understands how video can form an instrumental part of their reach to customers.

How to use Video for Trader Acquisition and Retention

For some of the Millennials among us it might be difficult to remember such a time, but until relatively recently computers and their internet connections were just not equipped to deal with video. And the video we did get was lagging and low quality. But in the last couple years, high quality video with no delay has been possible, even using real-time streaming.

So when it comes to marketing, sales, customer services and PR, you’d expect to see video used as a medium alongside the others wherever possible. But this hasn’t been the case to the extent you would imagine. Some of the perceived reasons for this are the relatively high cost of video compared to other channels, the time it takes in production and post-production, the ease in which to use this video and so on. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive to do this when done in the right way.

Let’s discuss some of the ways you could incorporate video into your marketing, PR, sales and customer service programs:

  • Live streaming events

With the advent of apps like Meerkat or Periscope and more established services like Ustream, companies can broadcast events via a livestream. Think of a conference or seminar or other ‘offline’ events.

  • Video research and commentary

Video has been used for a while now to broadcast research and commentary. Larger brokerages like Saxo Bank, IG, Dukascopy and others have even started online TV stations of sorts. While you don’t have to go quite that far, having an inhouse mini TV studio will help produce content for Youtube, your website and to support potential TV appearances and so help you reach a larger audience of potential customers.

  • Video customer service

Many brokerages use email, tickets, chat and phone lines to support customers – but why not add video? Clients will love the fact that they can actually see their account managers and it will induce trust like no other way except meeting in person can.

  • Video advertising

Advertising using video is a great alternative or addition to TV advertising. Using direct publisher buys (think Bloomberg or CNBC site video), Real-Time Bidding or doing advertising on Youtube via Google Adwords, you can target the right videos and users using granular targeting settings at low cost. You can even use video banners instead of regular ones for most direct buys you do.

Any other ideas for using video in broker marketing efforts? Leave a comment below.

This is a Guest Editorial which was compiled and published by Bart Burggraaf, Managing Director and Partner, MediaGroup London

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