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Ripple Labs takes legal actions against Youtube
April 22, 2020 BY Steffy Bogdanova

David and Goliath bout taking shape as Ripple Labs sues YouTube/Google

The fraudulent Ripple scams portray Garlinghouse, seemingly inviting the public to participate in an “XRP” cryptocurrency token giveaway. By forwarding a small sum, the unwitting victim is guaranteed a good chance of winning an even larger fortune, but as you would expect, the crooks disappear with their ill-gotten loot. Bill Gates and Richard Branson have…

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forex market crypto news and updates
April 30, 2019 BY Valentina Kirilova

Daily Market News: Sell in May and Go Away

Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at FX broker eToro, has provided his daily commentary on traditional and crypto markets for April 30, 2019. The text below is an excerpt and does not contain the full analysis. There's an old adage in the financial markets: Sell in May and Go Away Of course, this doesn't necessarily…

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