Gold-i launches new tool to dynamically limit the number of price updates in MT4 server

FX trading systems integration firm Gold-i has added a new feature to its liquidity bridge to further enhance MT4 server performance.

The intelligent throttling tool, now available within the Gold-i Bridge, will dynamically limit the number of price updates into the broker’s MT4 server, reducing the occurrence of price feed latency. It has been developed in-house by Gold-i in the UK to enhance execution and server performance for MT4 brokers using aggregated or any high-performance feeds.

This latest development is part of a series of recent upgrades to the market leading bridge. Gold-i has also added a number of new liquidity providers and technologies, including IBFX, IG Markets, Broadway Technology and ADS Securities.

According to Tom Higgins, CEO, Gold-i, “We continue to invest in the Gold-i Bridge in order to ensure that we lead the market in terms of speed, reliability and functionality. Our bridge offers access to more Liquidity Providers than any other bridge on the market and is used by some of the most prestigious brokers across the globe.

“This latest development with the throttling logic feature is part of our ongoing focus on innovation. In addition to enhancing the Gold-i Bridge, we have been spending a significant amount of development time on our Matrix products, which enable a broker to become a multi-asset liquidity provider and also allows them to aggregate incoming liquidity feeds. We are seeing significant interest in these newly developed products.”

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