GO Markets adds physical gold bullion delivery via Bullion Capital’s MetalDesk2 platform

LeapRate ExclusiveBullion Capital has today announced a new partnership with a retail FX brokerage in order to offer physical gold bullion delivery along side the firm’s spot FX product range.

Using the MetalDesk2 online trading platform provided by global physical precious metal market specialist Bullion Capital which has been specifically engineered for the trade and storage of physical precious metals, Australian retail FX firm GO Markets has launched a new product that compliments its existing range of spot FX, commodity and CFD products available via MetaTrader 4. This complimentary service has been added by GO Markets to satisfy the strong client demand for outright ownership of physical assets, while doing so using the convenience on an online platform.

GoMarkets logoInvestors and traders can choose to securely store their gold holdings in storage facilities located around the globe: Australia (Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne), Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, London, Zurich and New York. Clients are also able to take delivery of any and all investments they make, such as kilogram bars and 1oz coins with various printed motifs.

The direct legal ownership of precious metal traded through MetalDesk2 means that clients are able to diversify their investment portfolio through a product that is their outright legal property, unlike the paper contracts typically available via online trading platforms.

Bullion Capital’s CEO, Thomas Coughlin today stated that “We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with GO Markets. Given their reputation as one of the most forward thinking, innovative and valued FX brokers in Australia we knew that for GO Markets to offer their clients a physical precious metal trading solution presents a tremendous opportunity.

GO Markets Director, Christopher Gore further explained: “Although our focus remains on our Contracts for Difference and our Forex offering, it’s clear the demand for the physical precious metals is strong and likely to be sustained. While there’s a vast difference between metal derivatives and physical ownership, we see our new offering as complementary to our suite of CFD and FX instruments.”

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