FxPro SuperTrader update – 53% of its copy traders profitable

 That’s down from 65% last month, but still better than average

Following last month’s coverage we continue to track the performance of FxPro’s in-house social and copy trading platform SuperTrader since its launch back in October. The company is a member of LeapRate’s Approved List of global regulated forex firms and we are keen to inform our readers about the evolution of performance within the platform. The changes are not month on month but continue tracking results since SuperTrader Launched.

There is a total of 33 strategies available at this time with the biggest profit totaling 22.39% and the average performance for all is about 2%. The biggest underperformer has lost 11.38% until now and the biggest individual loss of a copy trading follower has totaled 18%.

supertrader performance 012014

Overall 53% of investors are profitable which is lower than last month’s 60%, but still positive and above average in general. The best return by a single investor totals 44% while the amount of profit realized per $ 1 million traded has risen by 50% to $30.

Since inception the top 5 trading portfolios are still dominated by FxPro’s in-house solutions:

          FxPro Risky Superpower tops the list with 22.43% return since October 2013

          FxPro EURUSD Portfolio is closely in second with 21.62%

          FXPro Risky Around the Clock is narrowly tracking in third with 20.46%

          Pandora is still the only portfolio outside of internal FxPro accounts in the top 5 with 17.61%

          FxPro Superpower concludes the top 5 winners with 17.02%

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