FxPro to disable cMirror copy trading software

In a notice sent out today, globally regulated forex brokerage FxPro informed clients they are disabling cTrader’s mirror/copy trading feature cMirror starting from this upcoming Friday. cMirror is trading software company Spotware’s mirror trading application, complementing its robust cTrader platform.

By using cMirror, any trader can become a strategy provider, broadcast trading signals and charge commissions. Other traders (investors) can mirror the provided strategies and send orders in the same direction. FxPro was one of the first major brokerages to carry the cTrader platforms.

FxPro officially stated it wishes to inform traders that on Friday February 26th, 2016, at market close FxPro shall be disabling the cMirror functionality currently available until further notice. Up until market close, clients will retain the ability to close any open positions, however in the event that any open positions remain on your cMirror platform at market close on the aforementioned date, these shall be automatically closed, taking into account the last market price for the specific financial instrument.

If you do not have any open positions in cMirror, or have not utilized this functionality, please note you shall not be required to undertake any further actions with regard to this notice. It is worth noting that FxPro also made changes recently to its SuperTrader program which allows investors to copy certain trading strategies, thus this move could be due to some regulatory positioning and the like.

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