FxPro implements new execution technology to enhance SuperTrader

Since the launch of its automated investment platform SuperTrader in October 2013, retail Forex broker FxPro has been constantly enhancing the solution.

Today, the broker announced updates to the platform.

FxPro said it has implemented new execution technologies that enable the opening and closing prices traders receive in their SuperTrader portfolio to completely mirror those of the strategies that they are following. This means that there will no longer be a price difference in execution, including during volatile, high-impact news releases.

The key aim of FxPro SuperTrader is to help investors avoid the worries about manual trading. The business of opening and closing positions is left to the algorithms of professional developers, leaving traders to focus on identifying strategies that match their risk tolerance, and to apply their own risk management settings.

The announcement from FxPro about the latest update to SuperTrader can be viewed here.

FXPro SuperTrader is also available as a mobile application for iOS devices. Check it out here.

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