FxPro claims 65% of traders using its SuperTrader copy trading are profitable

In-house developed systems pave the way for followers to make money

Since retail forex broker FxPro, which is a member of LeapRate’s Approved List of global regulated forex firms, launched its in-house social and copy trading platform SuperTrader back in October, we’ve been somewhat curious of the results.

Well FxPro has now provided some results in the 2 or so months that SuperTrader has been active.

Since then, 65% of traders have booked profits according to the company. There are a total of 25 strategies available for following and 60% of those are currently profitable, with the biggest gains totaling just above 15%.

FxPro SuperTrader results

The other 40% of the strategies are in the red, with the biggest loser returning -8.2%, while the biggest loss registered by a client of the service totaled -10%. 65% of the followers are profitable with average returns of 2% and the best being up 16%.

These results are quite positive for the customers of the service, but not only for them. We are turning to an impressive statistic that is the volumes traded. The average win of a trader per one million traded totals $20. To us this data means that the company is doing something very right – such a big volume turnover is very good news for the brokerage. If clients can flip such volumes without losing money that means that they will be more than happy to continue doing it.

The company has presented us with a top 5 winners chart:

1.       FxPro EURUSD Portfolio                15.18%

2.       FxPro Risky Superpower              11.59%

3.       FxPro Aggressor                           9.05%

4.       FxPro Superpower                        8.72%

5.       Pandora                                         8.35%

As we can see 4 out of 5 top performers are from the set of FxPro’s own internally developed trading systems. Great news for traders and great news for the brokerage – the new social and copy trading platform launch seems to be quite successful!

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