FX Social Networking / Copytrading’s latest entrant – TradeSlide

TradeSlide aims to become an industry standard for rating traders.

The ever-crowded FX social networking and copytrading space (Currensee, Tradeo, Zulutrade, FX Junction, MyFXbook…) is about to get a little more crowded, with the pending launch of TradeSlide.

TradeSlide is being founded by two London and Spain-based brothers from outside the FX space, Javier and Juan Colon, backed by angel investors. And in truth, TradeSlide will not really be competing with the FX social network and copytrade companies, but rather aims to be complementary to them — a tool they can use to help truly sort out the “great” traders out there.

The problem TradeSlide seeks to address is this — with the proliferation lately of copytrading and FX social networking, there are a lot (like thousands) of traders out there who claim to be “great” and “expert”, advertising their wonderful returns. But, how can we know if these are really good traders — and worthy of following in the future? Maybe they took outlandish risk to achieve their returns. Maybe they were lucky.

Enter TradeSlide. Traders who sign up with TradeSlide and submit their FX trades will be given:

  1. a TradeSlide score, as to how “good” they are, and
  2. diagnostic feedback as to exactly what they need to improve to get to the “next level”.

TradeSlide aims to have its scores (and owl logo) become an industry standard for rating traders. If all goes according to plan, existing educational providers, social networks, forums and FX brokers will want to incorporate TradeSlide scores into existing trader profiles.

Time will tell….

More details will be forthcoming as the company prepares to formally launch next month.

For the TradeSlide press release announcing launch click here.

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